Topics of the module

Reflective questions

Reflection 1 
Make a list of the possible stakeholders you can imagine for a circular business.
Reflect on how they could be matched with the RASCI roles.

Reflection 2
Go to and look at some of the circular companies described there.

For each case consider what stakeholders might be important to work with and how to best get in contact with them.

How would you as a business owner approach the different stakeholders, and would you prefer online or face2face meetings as a tool to attract and hold the interest of your stakeholders?


Reflection 3 
Go to and look at some of the circular companies described there. Pick one case and reflect on it as if it would be your own company.

  • What aspects would you highlight in your storytelling in order to promote your products/services?
  • How would you communicate to different groups of stakeholders?
  • How would you educate your customers of the benefits of your product.
  • What channels of communication would you select.
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