Topics of the module

Concepts and pillars for the CBMC

If you compare The Business Model Canvas (BMC) to The Circular Model Canvas (CBMC) you will notice that there are four additional pillars in the latter one: Social Value, Planet Value, Take-Back System and Adoption Factors.

The concept Social Value includes for example the impact, in terms of people and community, of your business on your social environment. 

Planet value focuses on ensuring a sustainable future for our planet while reducing waste and reusing/circulating materials for as long as possible.


The Social and Planet Value belong to the Value Proposition pillar. The idea is, that if you do something good towards the planet, or socially, that will add real value to your product. That is to say, your product is valued more if you are saving the planet when you buy it. And that means that you can charge more for it.


Take-back System, where companies find a way to take back and reuse their products, will be increasingly important in the future.

The Take-back system is not just disposing of the remains of your product when people hand it over to recycling. It means that you can reuse at least part of the product in the new products that you use.


During the transition from a linear business to a circular one, there are a number of Adoption Factors to consider; everything from changing the packaging material to finding environmentally friendly energy sources. The new building blocks.


We will get back to Adoption factors below.

Here you can see how the CBMC pillars are positioned in the BMC:

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