Name of company:

Återbrukshyttan is a different kind of glassworks that brings new life to old glass, by environmentally friendly recycling. All the products are individually remade/designed at the glassworks in Bollnäs, and the glass blower only uses old glass in her production.

Anny Jernberg, who is the owner and the only employee of the company, started Återbrukshyttan in 2011. She was trained at wellknown glassworks in southern Sweden, but when she met another glass blower who remade old glass, she understood that her dream was possible: to recycle glass and offer locally produced functional products with a long lifespan, and to make a living out of this. Anny has always found recycling creative, fun and challenging.

Recycled and reshaped glass products, for example vases, glasses, bowls, lamps, jugs etc. A new best-seller during the Corona crisis is a “nut-server” where you pour the nuts instead of grabbing then in a bowl.

Anny also offers courses in her glass-blowing technique.

Target customers:
People with an interest in recycling and the environment, often looking for a gift with a local touch. Some breweries have also bought glasses made from their old bottles.  Most of the customers visit her combined shop and glassworks in Bollnäs, but she also sells some of her products online and you can find them in other handicraft shops in other parts of the Sweden.

Social /environmental/economic impact:
The ecological footprint is very small. Anny only uses old material in the production and she tries to waste as little as possible of the old the old glass (the bottom of a bottle can become one thing, and the top another!). Parts of her blast furnace are second hand and she runs her company at an old milk dairy.


Circular business model/strategy:
To recycle and reshape old glass, only using already existing items.

Maturity level:
The company started in 2011 but the owner still considers it a “growing business” since she wants to develop new ideas and techniques.


Sweden, Bollnäs

Year of establishment: 

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