Name of company:

Landcraft is a small company north of Prague that specializes in the production of liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages. The company strives to produce alcohol using various waste materials, such as fruit peels, residual fruit puree and ciders, from which it produces unique alcoholic beverages.

The company focuses on the production of natural alcoholic beverages, for the production of which it uses natural products, artificial sweeteners, sugar and rennet.

However, not all products contain waste materials. Nevertheless, approximately 80% of the company's products contain "discarded" raw materials.

The entrepreneur(s): (briefly introducing the person, main focus on their professional background, skills gained)

Ondřej Kopička and Petr Alexander are the founders of Landcraft and together they believe in the idea of ​​responsible business. None of the founders had ever done business before, however, they worked together at a film festival focusing on the living environment, where they devoted themselves, among other things, to creating subtitles.

Ondřej studied them in classical music, but since it was not possible to fully apply himself in this field, he devoted himself a lot to natural wines and ciders. Petr is a chemist who has invented a number of patents, which helped them, among other things, to found Land Craft spirits s.r.o.

The main products are liqueurs, ciders and other alcoholic beverages. In addition, the company is also engaged in beekeeping, arboriculture, but the sale is mainly alcohol.

Target customers:
95% of the company's customers are end customers. In most cases, these are more educated people who care about the products they buy. The rest consists of special bars that specialize in natural wines and other similar drinks.

Social /environmental/economic impact:
The main goal and motivation is the environmental impact, which is key and indispensable for all products of the company. The second thing is social, as they are also interested in educating and raising society's awareness of environmental issues.

The main sector is the production of alcoholic beverages.

Circular business model/strategy:
The company's strategy is primarily the maximum use of natural resources and natural processes. The company responds to the possibilities that are currently offered and accordingly offer products. For example, at the beginning of 2020, when the covid-19 crisis broke out, many small breweries failed to sell beer. The Landcraft used this beer and made a special brandy.

Maturity level:


Czech Republic, Tursko

Year of establishment:

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