FOLDO is an eco design studio in Romania, founded in 2015 by Nicolae Baciu out of passion for ecological design and love for nature.

Foldo is an environmentally friendly project, meant to bring to the market of design and interior decorations, new furniture models, made of 100% recyclable cardboard.

FOLDO products are designed and made entirely in Romania, made of paper and cardboard, FSC® certified. In 98% of cases they are sold disassembled and do not require soldering or other assembly tools.

At FOLDO, products from various categories are developed: besides their main focus that of home or office furniture, lighting fixtures, decorations or toys are designed as well, but most of all its staff’s creativity is stimulated by special projects such as store or shop window arrangements, exhibition stands, theater or film sets.

FOLDO never compromises on the quality of the raw material, therefore FOLDO products look and feel excellent.

FOLDO’s clients truly believe that cardboard products are a viable alternative to replacing chipboard and wooden furniture.

Cardboard furniture is considered temporary but in a positive sense: it does not have to last 100 years. The pieces of furniture can be stored to save space and can be rebuilt several times after use. And you can get rid of them without remorse: the material can be 100% recycled and turned back into new paper, new corrugated cardboard and new furniture in the production cycle.

Nicolai Baciu - passionate about eco design, with significant expertise both in traditional and online marketing and advertising, and highly committed to creating and capturing value through products’ sustainability.

sustainable home or office furniture made of 100% recyclable cardboard

Target customers:
- young couples, families with small children
- companies

Social impact:
Foldo employs local workforce.

Environmental impact:
Reduction of waste and use of resources (wood, energy) and carbon footprint. Reduce tree cutting by using 100% recyclable cardboard .

Economic impact:
Foldo supports local production.

design & production of eco furniture

Location (country, city):
Romania, Bucharest.

Year of establishment: 2015

Maturity level:

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