Pure Oceans is an NGO founded by the couple Michael Keller Jørgensen and Lillan Spiertz, both passionate surfers and world travelers with a special love for beaches. At the moment they have set it up Pure Oceans as an NGO, which functions as a hobby start-up company.

Pure Oceans cleans up beaches (on the west coast of Denmark and in Sri Lanka). They recycle the plastic from the beaches to make phone covers and sunglasses, which they sell via their webshop and in stores.
To make it possible to cleanup beaches in Sri Lanka, they sell sponsorships for “adopting” a beach - meaning that a company can sponsor 1 km beach, and through that it is paying for trash bins and salaries for the local staff.

Denmark, Vejle
And Sri Lanka

Michael Keller Jørgensen is an economist and he is good at finding creative solutions. Furthermore, he has a master degree in MBA. Lillan Spiertz is an IT engineer and is good at system thinking. Understanding circular economy and recycling of plastic has been a learning by doing process for them. They have gained a lot of support and knowledge from different companies and researchers in the plastic industry.
Kenneth Pinsker is in charge of the company's operations in Sri Lanka, where he also runs a homestay. He has a good understanding of the local context and is responsible for organizing the local beach cleaning staff and events.

Sponsorships for beach cleanup in Sri Lanka.
Products like mobile-covers and sunglasses made of collected plastic from the beaches.

Target customers:
Target group for sponsorships: Companies.
Target group for the products made from recycled plastic: Companies (the products can be made with the company logo) and private people.

Manufacturing/production, recycling and beach cleaning.

Circular business model/strategy:
The main activity is to clean up beaches and collect plastic waste for recycling and producing products that in turn can fund more beach cleaning activities. They have set up a system of beach sponsorships, where primarily businesses can fund beach cleanings and in turn get CSR value and recognition for their contribution.

Maturity level:
Start-up. The company started in 2018 by setting up trashcans on the Danish west coast. In 2019 they expanded to Sri Lanka.

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