PeelPioneers was founded as a start-up in 2017 with the idea of processing citrus peel and turning it into secondary raw materials. Since then, the company has grown to become a scale-up business, beeing the first company in the world that processes the components of citrus peels into valuable new raw materials, such as cellulose and pectin, thereby providing a 100% circular solution for the flow of citrus peels that remain after making fresh juice.

Europe wastes over five billion kilos of citrus peel every year. Most of this waste goes to incineration, where the chemical components that are inside the peel are lost forever. PeelPioneers turns citrus peel ‘waste’ into essential oils (fragrance), chemicals (pectin, cellulose and flavonoids) or a sustainable animal feed. These resources are sold as commodities or used in products that can go back to the peel suppliers, therefore making their business model circular.

The Netherlands

A bio-refinery concept that turns citrus peel waste into valuable resources: dietary fiber, antioxidants, orangeade, orange oil. The ingredients are widely used in food, cosmetics and cleaning products. The pulp that is left over after the production process goes to farmers for use as animal feed.

Target customers:
food industry, cosmetic companies, hotels, farms

Social /environmental/economic impact:
Sustainable production system

Food & Agriculture

Circular business model/strategy:
Reusing citrus peel ‘waste’

Maturity level:

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